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Our research group was established at Uskudar University in 2012. The research group consisting of graduate and undergraduate students focuses on various aspects of microbial biotechnology including molecular identification of enzyme/seconder metabolite producer microorganisms, biosensor applications and microbial fuel cell technology. The research group is located in Northern Campus of Uskudar University, and currently Microbial Biotechnology Research Laboratory and Advanced Protein Analysis Laboratories are affiliated to Istanbul Protein Research & Inovation Center (PROMER).

We have a particular interest in exoelectrogenic microorganisms to use in electricity and hydrogen production, and biosensor applications. Currently, we are developing various biofuel cell prototypes to understand bioelectrochemical features of electroactive biofilms combining with various algal cultures. Isolation and molecular identification of novel endemic bacteria and microalgae especially for food industry is also our recent research topic. For further information on our research programme please browse our publications.

Funding for the current project is provided by:


May 2017

Istanbul Protein Research & Inovation Center (PROMER) was approved by Council of Higher Education, Turkey.

March 2017

Two new laboratories, microbial biotechnology research laboratory, and advanced protein analysis laboratory have been set up in our Center.


October 2016

Our İSTKA project is funded by Ministry of Development, Republic of Turkey.

Microbial World…

Various microalgae species, and seconder metabolite producer bacteria for industry have been isolated from Istanbul, and identified using molecular biologic techniques in our research group.

Microbial Fuel Cell Technology...

Microbial Fuel Cell Technology is one of the promising alternative technologies in order to generate electricity from wastewaters. Electron transfer ability of exoelectrogenic microorganisms play a role in microbial electrolysis cell (MEC) technology producing hydrogen.Our project supported by TÜBİTAK (113Z589) was completed recently, and we evaluated hydrogen production from hazelnut leaves using single chamber MECs.