Tunc Catal - Microbial Biotechnology Lab


Tunc Catal, Prof. Dr.

Director of Istanbul Protein Research & Inovation Center (PROMER)
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics 

Uskudar University

Postdoctoral students

Please contact for possible postgraduate positions.

PhD students

MSc students

Rumeysa Cebecioglu (Coordinator of Advanced Protein Analysis Research Lab)

Rumeysa graduated from Department of Bioengineering at Uskudar University in 2018, and she has been doing Double Major Undergraduate Program of Molecular Biology and Genetics. She graduated from Bioengineering graduate program at Uskudar University.  

Current position: Coordinator of Advanced Protein Analysis Research Lab at Uskudar University

E-mail: rmyscbcglu@gmail.com

Dilan Akagunduz (2020)

Dilan graduated from Marmara University Pathology Laboratory Program, and started Bioengineering Program at the Uskudar University in 2014, and completed BSc in 2018. She graduated from Bioengineering MSc program at Uskudar University. 

E-mail: dilanakagunduz@gmail.com

Sıla Arslan - Laboratory Assistant of Microbial Biotechnology Lab (2019-)

Current position: Uskudar University, Graduate Program of Biotechnology

Undergraduate students

Burak Kilinc (2020-)

Ahlam Hakam (2020-)

Nazli Hayrat (2020-)

Joudi Askar (2020-)

Internship Students

Currently, there is no intern in the lab.


Dr. Cigdem S. Zhmurov

Cigdem has been pursuing her PhD studies since 2012 (advisor, Prof. Dr. Hakan Bermek), and her PhD thesis topic is about the role of microRNAs in atherosclerosis. She passed from her defence.

Current position: Research Assistant Dr. at Istanbul Bilgi University

Gulru Ozakman

Gulru interested in algae research to use them in novel self-sustainable biofuel cells. She also examines the relationship between various environmentally hazardous metals and green algae, Chlorellasp. 

E-mail address: gulruozakman82@gmail.com

Current position: PhD student at Institute of Addiction and Forensic Sciences, Uskudar University.

Jason Amartey Otu (2017)

Jason joined our laboratory as an internship student from Cardiff Metropolitan University. He focused on NIH3T3 cell culture during his internship period.

Current position: graduate student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

Sehnaz Yavaser

Sehnaz Yavaser graduated from the Department of Molceular Biology and Genetics in 2018.

Current position:

Kubra Demirci

Kubra has been pursuing her undergraduate studies since 2013. Kubra has been trying to isolate lipase producer-bacteria. She is also working on the development of self-sustainable microbial fuel cells. 

E-mail: kubrademircii@gmail.com

Current position: Graduate student at Medipol University (MSc candidate, Histology and Embryology)

Betul Zehra Karakus

Betul has been registered in Molecular Biology and Genetics Undergraduate Program. She studies the culture of Chlorella sp. algae, and tries to integrate it with microbial fuel cells. She will be also working on lipase production by microorganisms. 

E-mail: betulzkarakus@gmail.com

Current position: PhD student at Acibadem University (MSc., Medical Biotechnology).

Nazan Tas

Nazan has been studying Bioengineer at Uskudar University since 2013, and she has been pursuing on project of protein and enzyme production by fungi since 2016. She has been trying to isolate fungi from nature. 

E-mail: nazantas.9595@outlook.com

Current position:

Gozde Karakadioglu

Gozde is undergraduate student of Molecular Biology and Genetics Department, and doing double major in Bioengineering. She has been working on effects of psychoactive drugs on microbiota using experimental animal models. 

E-mail: gozde.karakadiogluu@gmail.com

Current position: Graduate student at Marmara University (MSc candidate in Pharmacology)

Dilruba Busra Cakir (2017)

Dilruba who is an undergraduate student from International University of Sarajevo completed her internship in our lab. 

Current position: International University of Sarajevo


Mesut Kurus (2017)

Mesut is an undergraduate student from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Bioengineering.

Current position: Montana State University


Sinem Gamze Yayman (2017)

Gamze has been majoring in molecular biology and genetics. Her graduation thesis topic is about the effects of Selenium in microalgae, and effects of selenium on expression of photosystem related genes. 

E-mail: sinemgamze.yayman@st.uskudar.edu.tr

Current position: Research Assistant at University of Aberdeen.

Kadir Sinan Arslan (2017)

Kadir Sinan has been studying at Molecular Biology and Genetic program at Uskudar University since 2012. He studies isolation and molecular characterization of amylase producer bacteria. He is going to graduate this year and he wants to focus on the gene regulation and epigenetic after graduation.

Current position: Graduate student at Marmara University, MSc program of Medical Genetics.

Jessica Droguetti (2015)

Jessica is Erasmus student from Portugal visited our group in 2016. Hopefully, she completed her graduation project with us.

Current position: Research Assistant at 

Ozlem Yedier (2013)

Ozlem joined our group in the winter term of 2013 for her internship studies. She was accepted to the Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering Graduate Program at Sabancı University.

Current position: Graduate student at Sabanci University

Betul Biyik (2017)

Betul graduated from our Molecular Biology and Genetics program. She is interested in Sports Genetic and related subjects. Also, She is highly interested in Biotechnology, and currently focused on Athletic Aminoacids.

Current position: Researcher at Cesna Laboratories.

Bugra Yaman (2015-2018)

Bugra graduated from our Molecular Biology and Genetics undergraduate program.

Current position: MSc candidate at University of Applied Sciences, Technikum Wien, Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering.

Abdelrahman Alnahhal (2019)

Current position: University of Potsdam Graduate Program of Bioinformatics

Mehmet Yagiz Capanoglu (2019)

Ayca Turan (2019)

Asena Bersan Aricioglu (2019-2020)

Current position: Ege University, Graduate student at Stem Cell Program

Havva Betul Istanbullu (2019)

Kubra Kara (2019)

Kubra graduated from Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics in 2019.

Current position. MSc candidate at The University of Exeter, Genomic Medicine

Eke Pasaoglu (2019-2020)

Curremt position: Uskudar University, Graduate Program of Forensic Sciences

Ruveyda Gulsen User (2019-2020)

Current position: Researcher at Ultralab Diagnostic Laboratories

Naki Burak Akul (2019-2020)

Current position: Uskudar University, Graduate program of Molecular Biology

Huseyin Mert Gulser (2020)

Batuhan Kaplan (2019-2020)

Current position: University of Teramo, Graduate Program of Reproductive Biotechnologies 

Rabia Tigli (2020)