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Catal, T., Kavakli, H. IV.17. Hydrogen production by algae. Book: Green Energy to Sustainability: Strategies for Global Industries. Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, 2020, P425-445.

Cebecioglu, R., Yaman, B., Karakus, B.Z., Demirci, K., Karakadioglu, G., Korkmaz, I., Bermek, H., Catal, T. Microbial Biotechnology: From Energy to Enzymes, Researches on Science and Art in 21st Century Turkey, Chapter 253, ISBN: 978-605-288-062-3, p. 2267-2273, Publisher: Gece Kitapligi, November 2017. 


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Atasever-Arslan, B., Akdogan, E., Cakmak Cebeci, F., Catal, T. Bioelectricity Generation Using Human Neuronal-like Cells in Single Chamber Biofuel Cells, Journal of Cleaner Production, 2020, 271, 122505.


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